Tips on How to handle your Car in Cold Weather

Of all seasons, winter requires the most care and preparation if you’re to stay and avoid a breakdown. Breakdowns are a lot more common at the coldest times of the year and this is why extra precautions must be taken into consideration in order to keep your car in workable order.


So here is our general advice and safety tips for trouble-free driving through the cold and dark winter months.


Battery and Electrics     


Lights, heaters and wipers put a lot of pressure on the care battery and if your driving in mainly in the dark or at rush hour then the battery will go out eventually.


Batteries don’t usually last any longer than five years and replacing one near the end of it’s like can save on the trouble of having to change it at the side of the road.


  • Avoid using electrical systems for longer than necessary. Turn heater and windscreen heating off once the window is clear.
  • If the car is not moved on the weekend then charge the battery overnight and this will give it a chance to revive.
  • Turn off all non-essential electricals before trying to start the engine.
  • Turn on your car in short five second bursts and if the engine doesn’t start them you should allow the battery to recover.




A continuous squealing noise as soon as your engine is turned on is a sign that the water pump is frozen. The cylinder block could be frozen too and this is why you should allow the engine to thaw out.


Antifreeze only costs a few pounds but if your engine is damaged then it can cost you hundreds to repair. Modern cars use antifreeze but you should always use the right type, and information about this can be found in the cars handbook.


You should ensure that your cars suspension is adequate, you will be able to tell if your car rides roughly through the vehicles ‘bounce’. MG ZR Coilovers are Height Adjustable and 42 Way Damping Adjustable Suspension Kits for Fast Road and Track Day Use.

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