Coilover Suspension Explained

There are many questions about coilovers that people don’t know the answers to, do they really improve the handling of your car?


When you lower your car, it centres the gravity therefore reducing body rolls and improves its handling. The handling characteristics of a car is not only determined by the centre of gravity, you must also take other things into consideration:


  • The Dampening System
  • Spring rate
  • Condition of the road
  • Side walls of your tires
  • Unsprung weight
  • Tire grip
  • Geometry of the suspension etc.

There are a range of different brands and types of coilovers, for example: gaz coilovers. You can adjust the right height as well as the dampening and this produces great handling.


There are actually two types of coilovers:


  • True coilovers: True coilovers are a set up where the shocks have a threaded body.


  • Sleeve type coilovers: Sleeve coilovers utilise a ‘sleeve type’ thread.


With body sleeve coilovers, the base of the spring is supported by a single rotational plate with an allen screw type of advice. Like all types of coilovers, there is a good chance for the sleeve to rotate and make the spring slip. This is the best for people who like to push the car to the limit. The disadvantages can create clunking noises and it can also be quite dangerous.


Some coilovers on the market are very cheap, and while this is good for the consumer to have a variety of options, you need to be careful when it comes to coilovers.


Coilovers are one of the most important suspension components, and safety and performance need to always be a concern.

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